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 'Could we but climb where Moses stood, and view the landscape o'er...' 


 Where are we heading? Armageddon or Apocalypse?

 Mike Reeves

  • Photo of: Mike Reeves Mike Reeves was formerly UCCF's Head of Theology, and is now Theologian-at-Large at Wales Evangelical School of Theology. Follow him on Twitter @mike_reeves View all resources by Mike Reeves

Mike Reeves looks at the Bible's teaching about the return of Christ. Session 10 in the FOUNDATIONS course.

Mike Reeves - Where are we heading Armageddon or Apocalypse


This resource is part of the FOUNDATIONS course.  Find out more below.



 FOUNDATIONS is a course from THEOLOGY NETWORK that introduces you to the key doctrines of the Christian faith.


Session 10: Creation and New Creation

Listen  Where are we heading? Armageddon or Apocolypse - Mike Reeves

Scriptures  2 Peter 3:3; Leviticus 25:8; 1 Thessalonians 4; 1 Corinthians 15


  1. What is the most important part of the Apocolypse?  Why?
  2. How does the Biblical doctrine of Hell relate to our concern for evangelism?
  3. Recall Karl Barth's dream: why does Hell make us think of Christ?
  4. What comfort is  it to you that Christ will come to judge the living and the dead?
  5. What does the Bible's story of creation renewed and restored mean for you?

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