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 'Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty' 

The Good God

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 Mike Reeves

  • Photo of: Mike Reeves Mike Reeves was formerly UCCF's Head of Theology, and is now Theologian-at-Large at Wales Evangelical School of Theology. Follow him on Twitter @mike_reeves View all resources by Mike Reeves

Order your copy of Mike Reeves' new book, The Good God: Enjoying Father, Son and Spirit now! 

In this lively and refreshing book, Michael Reeves unfurls the profound beauty of the Trinity, and shows how the triune God of the Bible brightens everything in a way that is happily life-changing. Prepare to enjoy the Father, Son and Spirit!


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“At the heart of the universe is the passionate love between the members of the Trinity. Mike Reeves not only helps us grapple with a difficult doctrine but draws us to the magnetically attractive centre of all things. His light touch and theological wisdom combine to provide a truly helpful book which both clears your mind and warms your heart.”                        Terry Virgo, Newfrontiers, UK

“Recent years have seen a number of books designed for a lay readership that sweep the doctrine of the Trinity off the dusty shelves of irrelevance, helping us see that God’s triunity radically shapes every part of Christian faith and life. Here is one of the most lively, readable and stimulating to appear.”
Jeremy Begbie, Thomas A. Langford Research Professor at Duke Divinity School, Duke University

“The Good God is a wonderful read. Reading it feels like you’re eating candy floss – sweet, fun, easy. But in fact you’re getting a nourishing, nutritious meal of real substance. This book will enlarge your view of God and increase your love for God. You’ll be blown away by the lavish love between the Father, Son and the Spirit that overflows to the world. If you want to enjoy God more then read this book.”
Tim Chester, Crowded House, Sheffield, UK

“This amazing little book dances like a butterfly and stings like a bee. With lightness of touch, a great sense of humour, and real theological wisdom, Mike Reeves opens our eyes to the sheer wonder and beauty of the Holy Trinity! This book is OUTSTANDING!”
Robin Parry, author of Worshipping Trinity: Coming Back to the Heart of Worship  


NB. If you're in the US, Mike's book will be published as Delighting in the Trinity: An Introduction to the Christian Faith in September 2012.

"Delighting in the Trinity overflows with the heart-winning news of the triune God who is love. Clear, accessible and compelling, Michael Reeves' new book provides stunning vistas of how the Father's eternal love for His Son has become unimaginably good news for us. If your life as a Christian has become at all routine or you simply wish to be freshly amazed at the transformative love of Trinity for you, read Delighting in the Trinity. If you are like me, you will want to read it more than once. It’s that spiritually satisfying."                                                                                                                                                                                  Dan Cruver, National Director of Together for Adoption, author of Reclaiming Adoption: Missional Living through the Rediscovery of Abba Father.  

"The Trinity is often regarded as an esoteric and intimidating doctrine, over the heads of rank-and-file Christians. What are laypeople and students to make of the theologians' unfathomable utterances about how the Father, Son and Spirit constitute one God? The answer: Start by reading this book. Michael Reeves unpacks the significance of the Trinity for Christian life with a straight-shooting, conversational style honed by years of student ministry. But don't let the panache fool you. There is substance here that outweighs that of books much harder to understand. Read this book. Look up all the Bible passages it quotes. Let the Spirit use it to help you to see the Scriptures - and most of all, to see God the Trinity - in a new way. I cannot recommend it highly enough."                                               Donald Fairbairn, Robert E. Cooley Professor of Early Christianity, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, and author of Life in the Trinity.