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 'Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty' 

Jesusbaptism - dove

 Enjoying the Trinity 2: The Spreading Love

 Mike Reeves

  • Photo of: Mike Reeves Mike Reeves was formerly UCCF's Head of Theology, and is now Theologian-at-Large at Wales Evangelical School of Theology. Follow him on Twitter @mike_reeves View all resources by Mike Reeves

Mike Reeves shows how the trinity explains why the cosmos itself is in existence! He explores what the Bible teaches about the relationships within the trinity; that we are invited to 'participate in the divine nature' as siblings of Christ; what the trinity has to teach us about music; and what the trinity tells us about the relationship between Christianity and Islam, the Qur'an and the Bible.

Mike Reeves - Enjoying the Trinity - 2