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In the mid-1500’s the Reformer Martin Luther and his wife Katie became famous for their hospitality. In their home, a big old ex-monastery called “The Black Cloister”, they hosted students, colleagues and friends for meals. With good company, good food, and Katie’s home-brewed beer (and their children tearing about after the dog), Luther and his friends discussed theology, life, and everything - a regular gathering which was recorded as his “Table Talk”.

In the spirit of such refined pursuits, Theology Network is proud to present our very own Table Talk. We’re taking time to settle down by the fire with key evangelical leaders and chat about issues that matter - and we’re releasing it as a podcast so you can download our conversations direct to your ipod. So come and join us at the table - there’s plenty of room!

The Breeze 005: Augustine on 1 John

Thursday, October 6th, 2011

Sit yourself in a pew in Augustine's church and listen to the great church father preach to you the soaring beauty of the first epistle of John. There's a whole lot of lovliness here!

Read the whole of Augustine's ninth homily on 1st John here!  

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