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 Theology in Music

 Mike Reeves

  • Photo of: Mike Reeves Mike Reeves was formerly UCCF's Head of Theology, and is now Theologian-at-Large at Wales Evangelical School of Theology. Follow him on Twitter @mike_reeves View all resources by Mike Reeves

Mike Reeves shows how a thoroughly Christian view of the world leads us to see that music is not neutral, but that different forms of music actually communicate the theology of the composer/artist.

Mike Reeves - Theology in Music 1

Mike Reeves - Theology in Music 2

Mike Reeves - Theology in Music 2 Discussion

Mike Reeves - Theology in Music 3

NOTE: The quality of the audio in these recordings is not really up to scratch, but since the content is so good we thought it worthwhile to publish them. You'll find you barely notice the sound quality after 5 minutes (but if you're finding the audio quality frustrating, give the discussion a miss as that's where it's worst!).