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Theology Network is changing

UCCF continues to be committed to equipping today's Theology students to live and speak for Jesus in their chosen field of study.
Theology Network is now a part of UCCF's Leadership Network, so you can now find our resources at www.uccfleadershipnetwork.org/theology. As a result, this site will be taken down at the beginning of 2019.



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Theology Network is called a 'network' for a reason- not just because it sounds cool.

In the 1520’s, Cambridge’s White Horse Inn became the base for Thomas Cranmer, Matthew Parker and friends to talk about and distribute the prohibited writings of Luther smuggled-in from Antwerp. Over a tankard of ale to lubricate discussion, it was this group that sowed the seeds of the English Reformation. Our hope is that Theology Network will similarly be a centre for radical, biblical, and ultimately revolutionary thinking and believing, living and speaking.

Our hope is to see hundreds of revolutionary theologians gathering here, feeding together on the Word, renewing their minds, and forming important friendships and connections under God. We would love to invite you to join this network, and join the revolution that is doing theology.

So here's how to get involved!

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Click here to find out more about Theology Network groups

Get out there

Not a student? Why not get together with some friends to discuss the material on theologynetwork.org and join the revolution?! The FOUNDATIONS course has been designed to help you.

Get trained

About to finish uni? The UCCF Relay programme is an intensive year of discipleship, training and ministry. If you're a theology or religious studies student you may be able to do Relay with a Theology Network focus.                                                                                                                        Interested?                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Find out more about Relay. Email us to find out more about Theology Network Relay.

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UCCF conferences and New Word Alive  

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We'd love to hear from you and link you up with other theology or religious studies students. And give us your feedback on the website!

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