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Theology Network is changing

UCCF continues to be committed to equipping today's Theology students to live and speak for Jesus in their chosen field of study.
Theology Network is now a part of UCCF's Leadership Network, so you can now find our resources at www.uccfleadershipnetwork.org/theology. As a result, this site will be taken down at the beginning of 2019.



 Serving-up tasty treats for the troops 


 Are you revolting?

 Theology Network

Is there a Theology Network group in your Theology & RS department?  They’re springing up in departments all across the UK: Theology and RS students are getting together to know God better, love Jesus more, and invite others to join the revolution.  Many of the old RTSF groups are finding it a great opportunity to re-launch with fresh vision.  The aim is clear: the new groups are all about getting theologians to think Christianly about their studies – and helping them to share the good news with course-mates. 

And so, if there’s not a Network in your Uni, why not start one?  If you’re interested, just drop us a line at info@theologynetwork.org and we can give you all the help, advice and resources you need. 

Go on, be a revolutionary!

P.S. Interested?  Well have a read of How to Run a Theology Network Group for inspiration and ideas to get you started!

P.P.S. If you are already in a Theology Network group or you're thinking about starting one, why not make use of these fantastical posters and flyers?!

Download Theology Network posters

Download Theology Network flyers

Please contact us with any questions.