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 'I have spilt his precious blood, trampled on the Son of God' 

Serpent apple

 Sin and the Fall

 Don Carson

In the second of four talks exploring the Biblical story, Don Carson looks at the entrance of sin and rebellion from Genesis 3. Session 4 in the FOUNDATIONS course.

Don Carson - 2 - Sin and the Fall


This resource is part of the FOUNDATIONS course.  Find out more below.




 FOUNDATIONS is a course from THEOLOGY NETWORK that introduces you to the key doctrines of the Christian faith.


Session 4 – The Fall and Sin

Listen  Sin and the Fall - Don Carson

Scripture  Genesis 3


  1. Why is it essential for Christians to have agreement on what the greatest human problem is?
  2. How is Adam and Eve’s knowledge of good and evil different from God’s knowledge of good and evil?  How is this connected to the ‘de-Godding’ of God?
  3. Why is sin not just ‘a mere breaking of a few rules’? 
  4. How, specifically, did Eve ‘take God’s place’? And how is the ‘de-Godding’ of God at the root of ‘greed, lust, theft, racism, war, cruelty, power-seeking’?
  5. What does Carson mean when he says our knowledge of evil is not like the oncologist’s, but like the cancer sufferer’s?
  6. Where is the very first sign of grace in this passage?
  7. How has this talk deepened or challenged your view of sin?

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