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 Studying the Bible, obviously 


 Two Views of Prophecy

 Oswald Allis

  • Photo of: Oswald Allis Oswald Thompson Allis was an American Presbyterian theologian who was among the founders of Westminster Theological Seminary, along with J. Gresham Machen. View all resources by Oswald Allis

This is an extract from Oswald T Allis' book 'The Unity of Isaiah' first published in 1950. These two studies, however, stand on their own as a classic treatment of the whole question of the relation between prophecy and prediction of future events. It will therefore be of interest to many concerned with other questions than the unity of Isaiah since the issues it raises go right back to study of the Pentateuch.

Prophecy According to the Critics

The student of history is well aware that the sceptical and decidedly hostile attitude toward the Supernatural which is so prevalent today is of relatively recent date, being largely the result of the "empirico-scientific" world-view which so powerfully influences and even controls the thinking of the "modern" man. Miracle and prophecy were formerly _quite generally regarded by Christians as furnishing conspicuous, even irrefutable, proof of the truth and divine authority of the Christian religion. They have now come to be regarded in many circles, even professedly Christian, as constituting the great and even the insuperable obstacle to the acceptance of Biblical Christianity by the scientifically trained man and woman of today.

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