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Soul Winning Made Easy

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8 comments on “Soul Winning Made Easy

  1. this always works for me when sharing the gospel with Buddy Holly look-a-likes… minus the glasses of course.

  2. I’m not laughing. I actually have a copy of this booklet – a slightly different edition, with the "Subject" (sic) wearing a much more interesting print shirt. This book, Soul-Winning Is Easy by CS Lovett (Zondervan, 1954, 14th printing, 1969) moves between strong exhortations to depend on the Holy Spirit ("Jesus does it all…All our techniques- all of our skill – any psychology we might use – are absolutely worthless unless they are fully surrendered to the Holy Spirit and used as His tools") and manipulative techniques ("…bow your own head first. Out of the corner of your eye you will see him heistate at first, and then as his resistance weakens, his head will come down. Bowing your head first causes terrific psychological pressure.") High pressure is justified as God’s tool in the face of the opposing work of Satan and the free will of the Subject, whom God desires to win with us as his co-laborers. "God has given us the unique tool of psychology… The Holy Spirit’s job is to make Christ real. Psychology’s job is to make men face Him." Is this the height of Arminianism, Finneyism, Pelagianism, the true grandfather of the consumer church of our time, and does it have some relationship, however unintended, to the apostasy of the 21st century?

  3. In this day and age most everyone who you encounter has a negative perception of "Christianity" and when they hear big words like "holy spirit" or "Gods word" they tend to put walls up because they view you as another person who wants to save they’r souls. Jesus had relationships with people, he didn’t make efforts to "save" people as much as he just spoke the truth and knew how to handle the delicate job of dealing with peoples sensitivity to the concept. He accepted peole regardless of the sin in their lives. He didn’t make them feel guilty or uncomfortable. He trusted the holy spirit to move in them. He didn’t force any one to hear them talk about God or trick them into praying with them. He had a perfect understanding of the human psyc. I don’t agree whith this silly book of discriptions.

  4. Enjoyed the strip. Did it work in the 1950s? Is our problem that we focus on using marketing techniques, when as David Prince says, it is about relationship? How are we doing the same thing today? Are we using accepted marketing techniques and don’t see what we are doing because we are too invested in the systems we have devised for understanding and affecting the change’s we desire?

  5. C. S. Lovettes "Soul winning made easy" I’m telling you– when in my 20’s I volunteered to go door to door while attending a Christian college. I figured it would be the hardest thing I could ever do. So shy me went for it only AFTER I prepared by reading soul winning made easy. It looked so old and out of date in 1978! I don’t see the cool stuff on the read above, but in this corny out of date booklet were some of the best example of what it meant to be a Christian and to trust in Christ for your salvation. He gave these great visual examples I memorized and then made them fit what I’d say. So good, so clear it made me totally ready to go door to door from Biola college. What a blessing it was. People sooo hungry to talk or ask questions, or listen and understand and surrender their heart to the Christ that died for them.. Thanks C. S.

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