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Did you miss Transformission South West??

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Dave Bish (UCCF South West Team Leader and blogger at the blue fish project) says…

On Saturday 20th October we gathered in Exeter for our sixth Transformission conference. The aim is simple – look to Christ. A veritable band of brothers gathered to preach Christ on the theme of Adoption. Mike Reeves spoke in the two plenary sessions – showing us the wonderful welcoming heart of Jesus’ Father who is also our Father, and the free adoption we have in him.


In between, either side of lunch, delegates were assigned a seminar on Adoption and…. church history, evangelism or Bible reading. Smaller scale opportunities to gaze on Christ together and apply the gospel to our lives. We were thrilled to have a good representation from across the South West and a growing number of friends joining us from local churches.

One student reflected that she couldn’t believe she’d never heard such goodness about God before, while another was dumbfounded that so many of his friends hadn’t come. We don’t know why they didn’t come either, but we’re trusting God met with those who did, to transform them for mission – to be those overflowing with the love of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit – well placed to commend the Triune God to others.

Dave managed to sneak Mike outside to ask him a few questions about the Triune God – here are the first three of nine short videos where Mike explains why understanding that God is Trinity matters so much. Dave first posted these on his blog, the blue fish project.





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