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The most exciting thing possible…

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Welcome to the re-born Theology Network blog! Here you will find snapshots of all things theological, mini books reviews, news from the Theology Network groups and events, and lots more besides. We’ve left the posts from the old Merrie Theologiane blog below for you to peruse for your amusement.

Theology Network is driven by a conviction: theology is not the preserve of ivory tower academies, it’s not first and foremost meant to be a matter of reading what one theologian says about another theologian (and usually in language that’s pretty difficult to decipher!) – theology proper is simply about knowing God better. And that is what makes theology the most exciting thing possible! Really? Yes really. Christian theology is a matter of getting to know the God of the Bible better, and the truth is, He is wonderful.


A boy doing some theology

That’s why theology is so exciting – it’s about knowing this God; the God who is, from all eternity, a Father loving his Son by his Spirit, the God who has revealed himself to us in the Scriptures, the God who has himself come to us in Jesus Christ and displayed his unimaginably great love for us on the cross. That’s why Christian theology is so exciting, it’s not a matter of trying to bend our minds around some philosophical construct – it’s about knowing this God!  And Christian theology is transformative: as we dive deeper into knowing the true and living God, he grips not only our minds, but our hearts too – how could knowing him more not lead us to love him more, since he is lovely?! And then theology becomes very practical: as Jesus taught, when we love him, we will obey his commands (John 14:15).

So let’s do theology – let’s know God better, love Jesus more, and join the revolution!

And here are some great places to start:

Audio: Mike Reeves – Enjoying the Trinity: A Delightfully Different God

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