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Monthly Archives: June 2013

Reformation fire in one’s belly

Recently, we received the following email from a website user, and it was sooo encouraging I thought I’d share it with you all! (With permission of course!) 

I listened to this course a few years ago and it quite literally changed my life. I now love theology, but more importantly, I love Jesus Christ and am passionate for others to know Him and the riches of his Word. It was through Piper’s talk on justification that the light of imputation of Christ’s righteousness dawned in my head and my heart, liberating me from a history of guilt and shame.

Recent listening to Union with Christ has been excellent in deepening understanding of this gloriously liberating truth, as well as reading and digesting more on the Trinity regarding the nature and character of God.

Church history has become an absolute joy and it’s been wonderfully humbling to see how much we still have to learn from our forebears. I’m now passionate about introducing others to Church history and seeking to enrich the Church via the treasures of our past.

The articles and audio downloads available on theology network are phenomenal and are mighty and meaty for anyone wanting to press on in knowing God.

Reformation is now the fire in my belly, to echo the swans that are not silent and whose cries echo throughout history into eternity. I often pray for the ongoing work of theology network and for the raising up of young men and women who are zealous for the ongoing reforming of the reformation through faithful, biblical preaching and teaching. That this might overspill into the revival of our nation and a revitalised impetus for world evangelization.

As I was scouring for new downloads it occurred to me that I’ve never written to let the team know the value of their labours in my own life and in many students with whom I’ve been working.

So a heartfelt thanks to the Lord for his grace in and through you as His majesty is magnified through your ongoing work.

Your sister in Christ,

Becky Holden

Thanks Becky!! You can find out more about the Foundations course here. And if you’ve enjoyed the resources on theologynetwork.org or there are topics you’d like to see covered, please let us know too!