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Theology Network is changing

UCCF continues to be committed to equipping today's Theology students to live and speak for Jesus in their chosen field of study.
Theology Network is now a part of UCCF's Leadership Network, so you can now find our resources at www.uccfleadershipnetwork.org/theology. As a result, this site will be taken down at the beginning of 2019.


Theology Networks and CU Missions

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It’s coming up for the time of year when Christian Unions across the UK run mission weeks – five days of intensive evangelism and events explaining the gospel of Jesus to university students. Since Theology Networks are CU groups, this means that when the CU runs a mission week, we are part of that mission!

Now obviously as Theology Network we are always looking to share the gospel of Jesus with our departments (and anyone else really…!) but here are a few ways specifically for Theology Network to get involved in the wider CU mission.

Run Theology Network events.

If you haven’t already, why not run an event during mission week specifically for Theology students? A couple of possible talk titles would be “Can you be an academic theologian and have faith?” or “Do theologians need Jesus?” – anything to provoke a discussion about what it means to have personal faith in Jesus Christ.

Do lecture shout-outs.

Help the wider CU advertise for their main events by flyering your lecture rooms and by doing lecture shout-outs. All it takes is a thirty second announcement inviting your course-mates along to the events. Just think – no one else has access to so many theology students except you guys!

Serve the CU with what you have learnt.

As theology students you will probably have a better understanding of how to answer peoples’ questions about the bible than the rest of CU – simply because that is a big part of your course. Make yourself available to the CU by being around when questions will be asked the most, for example at lunchbar Q and A sessions or during questionnaires. But you don’t know everything, so don’t act like it!

Invite your friends.

Invite anyone and everyone to the events during mission week – housemates, coursemates and friends from your societies. You might even want to consider inviting them for dinner before some of the evening events so that they don’t feel awkward about coming along.

Get involved in everything.

Theologians sometimes have a nasty habit of thinking too much and doing too little! Sign up for helping out with some practical jobs like setting up venues or flyering on the streets. You are a slave of Christ – act like it!

Josh Oldfield, Theology Network Relay Intern in Edinburgh 2014/15

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