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 'Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty' 

God is love

 Enjoying the Trinity 1: A Delightfully Different God

 Mike Reeves

Is the trinity just some 'add on' to our general belief in God? Does it really matter that God is triune? Does it make any difference to lived Christian faith? Mike Reeves shows that the doctrine of the trinity is foundational all of Christian thought and life! Session 2 in the 'FOUNDATIONS' course.

Mike Reeves - Enjoying the Trinity - 1

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This resource is part of the FOUNDATIONS course.  Find out more below.



 FOUNDATIONS is a course from Theology Network that introduces you to the key doctrines of the Christian faith.

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Session 2: The Doctrine of God

Listen  Enjoying the Trinity 1: A Delightfully Different God

Scriptures  1 John 4:1-16


  1. If the Trinity was removed from your Christian faith, what difference would it make practically?
  2. Why are eggs, H2O and clover leaves bad explanations of the trinity?!
  3. Why is the key question, Which God do you serve, rather than, Do you believe in God?
  4. Discuss the argument that a single person God must be a dictator in the sky, unable to love.
  5. Why does the whole gospel simply collapse if we hold that the trinity is three masks behind which the real God hides?
  6. Why, if God is Father, must he not be a single person God?
  7. What was God doing before he created the universe?! What is the most profound thing we can say about God and what difference does this make to our relationship to him?
  8. Why does the doctrine of the trinity not just amount to tri-theism?  How does the Bible teach that God is one and three?
  9. What impact does understanding God's self revelation in Scripture as triune have on our daily walk with him?
  10. What happens to belief in the Trinity when we put human reason or logic above the word of God? 
  11. How should a Biblical understanding of the Trinity affect the way we present the gospel to (a) atheists (b) theists (c) Muslims?  

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