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 'Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty' 

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 Trinity 1: Why we have Problems with Trinity

 Mike Reeves

In the first of four talks, Mike Reeves examines the doctrine of the Trinity as a Christian distinctive over against monotheism and the god of secular philosophy. Session 2 in the 'FOUNDATIONS' course.

Mike Reeves - Trinity 1


This resource is part of the FOUNDATIONS course.  Find out more below.




 FOUNDATIONS is a course from Theology Network that introduces you to the key doctrines of the Christian faith.

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Session 2: The Doctrine of God

Listen  Trinity 1: Why we have Problems with the Trinity - Mike Reeves

Scriptures  John 17: 20-23


  1. If the Trinity was removed from your Christian faith, what difference would it make practically?
  2. Why is the key question, Which God do you serve, rather than, Do you believe in God?
  3. If the fallen mind is a factory of idols, what does that mean for how we should come to our understanding of God?  And what does it mean for our evangelism?
  4. What happens to belief in the Trinity when we put human reason or logic above the word of God? 
  5. What happens when we try to define what God is like before we look at what the Bible says about the Father, Son and Spirit?  Why is this is a problem?
  6. Which aspects of the gospel do not make sense in a strictly monotheistic framework?
  7. How should a Biblical understanding of the Trinity affect the way we present the gospel to (a) atheists (b) theists (c) Muslims?  

Listen Deeper  Trinity 2: Trinity is the Answer, Trinity 3: Trinity in Revelation and Creation, Trinity 4: Trinity in Salvation

FOUNDATIONS session 1; FOUNDATIONS session 3