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 '... clothed in righteousness divine' 

DbyG 2012

 Delighted by God 2012: Glorious Gospel Ground Zero

 Peter Mead

  • Photo of: Peter Mead Peter Mead serves as a Bible teacher with Operation Mobilisation, and is co-director and mentor of the Cor Deo training programme.  He preaches regularly in his local church and leads the Bible Teacher's Network at the European Leadership Forum. View all resources by Peter Mead

Why is it that Muslims feel able to point to the parable of the Prodigal Son as evidence that Jesus was a good Muslim? Peter Mead shows how they, and far to many Christians, misunderstand this most famous parable - in reality, it is a vivid picture of Christ's most glorious gospel!

DbyG 2012 - 3 - Peter Mead - Glorious Gospel Ground Zero


Delighted by God 2012 was spread over two days in two cities, with a fantastic day of digging deep into the gospel together in London, and an evening celebrating salvation in Bristol. Follow Theology Network and Cor Deo on Facebook and Twitter to keep up to date with the latest news on our conferences and events. 



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