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 'Jesus loved and loves forever; Zion on His heart does dwell' 


 Table Talk 008: The Church

 Terry Virgo

Mike Reeves chats with Terry Virgo about the Church. Session 9 in the FOUNDATIONS course.

Table Talk 008 - Terry Virgo - The Church


This resource is part of the FOUNDATIONS course.  Find out more below.




 FOUNDATIONS is a course from THEOLOGY NETWORK that introduces you to the key doctrines of the Christian faith.


Session 9: The Church

Listen  Table Talk 008: The Church - Terry Virgo

Scriptures  John 17


  1. Why is it important to be part of a local church for spiritual growth?
  2. What difference does it make to how we view and value the church if we realise that the fellowship and unity of the church is patterned after the fellowship and unity that is at the basis of all reality - the Triune God?
  3. In what way is Jesus' relationship with the Father a model for our part in the church community?
  4. What kind of preaching do you 'like'? What kind of preaching does Terry say should be at the heart of the church? Why?
  5. "Why is the church such a perfect God-chosen medium for the proclamation of the Gospel?"

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