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 Theologians who just won't die 

Cappodocian fathers

 The Breeze 007: Father, Son and Holy Ghost

 Gregory Nazianzen

  • Photo of: Gregory Nazianzen Gregory of Nazianzus (c.329389) was Archbishop of Constantinople in the 4th century. He made a significant impact on the shape of Trinitarian theology both in the East and West, and his work continues to influence modern theologians, especially in regard to the relationship among the three Persons of the Trinity.   View all resources by Gregory Nazianzen

Gregory Nazianzen is one of the most influential theologians ever to have lived; his formulation of the doctrine of the Trinity has been foundational to trinitarian thought throughout the centuries - hear him preach it!

The Breeze 007 - Gregory Nazianzen - Father Son and Holy Ghost


Click here for to read the whole of Gregory's Oration XL

This is the final installment in 'Trinity Month'. Let's all get thinking trinitarianly for the rest of 2012; and, next March, let's cover the interweb with gospel soaked trinitarianism (and let's do it every month until then too!).


For a really accessible introduction to the Trinity that shows how relevant and life changing the knowing the triune God is, get yourself a copy of Mike Reeves' new book, The Good God: Enjoying Father, Son and Spirit.