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  • 321: The Gospel in 5 minutes


    A trinitarian gospel presentation in three moves...

  • A Theology of Preaching


    Glen Scrivener examines what happens when somebody speaks to the word of God to others.

  • Adoption and Evangelism

    Audio Talk

    What two things does the church need to hear if we're to be motivated in evangelism? That God is big and hell is hot? Life is short and eternity's...

  • Delighted by God 2012: Gospel-shaped Evangelism

    Audio Talk

    Glen Scrivener shows how so many of the ways we think about mission are rather 'medieval', shaped by ideas of salvation by systems and processes,...

  • Luther's Theology of the Word

    Audio Talk

    What do we mean when we say 'the Word of God' and what does it mean for the manner, content and method of our gospel proclamation? Glen Scrivener...

  • Mission and Evangelism 1


    Glen Scrivener looks at the fact that the mission of the church arises out of the very nature of God.

  • Mission and Evangelism 2


    Glen Scrivener on why evangelism shouldn't be done out of a sense of obligation or a 'we can do it' mentality, but out of genuine love for Christ.

  • On Mission with the Good God

    Audio Talk

    “Out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks.” In this track from Forum 2013, Glen and Jo show how filling our hearts with the gospel of our...

  • The Trinity Saved My Life


    How the Trinity changes us from slaves to sons!

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