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 Serving Christ Through Biblical and Theological Research

 Theology Network

I need a job. Not much time left. Finals in a few months. All my friends are busy at interviews or job fairs. Engineering, Marketing, Accountants. What have I got? An 'ology'! Theology at that! I love the work - wrestling with issues and researching all the information is great - but what am I going to do with it? There are many things I could try, but should I leave all my theology behind? Must go to the supermarket. Mince, spaghetti and parmesan. Think about jobs later ...

We live in a world of pressing need. How can we help? One vital and practical way of helping is through biblical and theological research. It is as important as missionary, medical or social work. More people are needed to do it. Have you considered that God might want you to be involved?

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