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Angry God

 Why bother with theology?

 Dan Strange

  • Photo of: Dan Strange Dan Strange is lecturer in Culture, Religion, and Public Theology at Oak Hill College. Previously, he worked for UCCF alongside theology students. View all resources by Dan Strange

“If I use my intellectual capacities to make myself respectable to the world, as it is in revolution against the one who created it, then I have failed. It is equally true if I use my ignorance for the same purpose. I am to face the cross of Christ is every part of life and with my whole man. The cross of Christ is to be a reality to me not only once for all at my conversion, but all through life as a Christian.” (Francis Schaeffer)


As an introduction (and not just for the sake of cultural trendiness), I want to begin with a story, a
little tale about four different students:

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