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 Going medieval on religion 

Lucas Cranach (1472-1553) is known as the artist of the Reformation.  While he is famous for his portraits and paintings, his woodcuts for polemical use during the Reformation are famous.  While some of them seem obscene and certainly politically incorrect, they are much like satirical newspaper cartoons we see today. 

This image is from a series called Passionary of Christ and Antichrist, which contrasts Christ and the Papacy- an office Cranach believed to be the Antichrist.  Here, Christ is driving the money changers out of the Temple.  Below, the Pope is selling indulgences.

The next images are from the same set.  The first depicts Christ washing his disciples' feet, contrasted with the Pope having his feet kissed.

The woodcut below shows the mouth of hell, straddled by Lucifer, with the Pope inside.

Finally, below is The Birth and Origin of the Pope.