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 God's volcano 


 Further reading: Martin Luther

 Mike Reeves

Luther is extremely easy to read: stimulating, amusing and clear. It could not be easier to engage with the man himself. Timothy Lullís anthology, Martin Lutherís Basic Theological Writings (Minneapolis: Fortress, 1989) contains an excellent collection of the most important works.


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Lutherís Letters of Spiritual Counsel, in the Library of Christian Classics series (Vancouver: Regent College, 2003), and Table Talk, both easily available, add some of the best vignettes of insight into the humanity of the man himself.


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There are two books of essential reading in the secondary literature. The first is Roland Baintonís classic biography of Luther, Here I Stand: A Life of Martin Luther (Nashville: Abingdon, 1950). Though published in 1950, it is still an addictive read, and also attractively illustrated with contemporary woodcut illustrations.


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The other is Paul Althausí The Theology of Martin Luther, trans. R. C. Schultz (Philadelphia: Fortress, 1966). It remains the best single-volume overview of Lutherís theology, but is worth reading just for the material on sin and justification, irrespective of relevance to Luther himself!


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